Maxim Viktorovich Maximov, an accomplished master of sport in Russia (Fin swimming), four time champion of Europe (1993, 1995, 1997, 1999), two time champion and one time silver medallist at the world championships (2000), winner of the world games (2001), and world record holder.

I started taking the Siberian fir extract, produced by Solagran – water fraction (Siberian Red) in 2000 and have continued to this day!

I think my use of this preparation for so long can be attested to the results it has yielded as well as to the process of its intake (it’s very natural and comfortable): Solagran’s fir extract is diluted in water, which enriches it with vitamins and microelements of not chemical, but rather natural origins. I myself, take note of the level of strain that I will incur, and start my day with 20 drops. Further on during the day, I will add the extract to a volume of liquid sufficient to replenish the amount lost, during extensive physical strain while training in the pool (on average 40-60 drops a day).   It is very useful that I can regulate the required amount of extract myself, as I feel necessary – rather than have some amount predetermined for me.

Such a routine, of taking Siberian Red, helps me fight the stress which I incur daily due to my training (I mean emotional and physical stress).

After I started to take the extract, my performance in competitions improved substantially, and I was able to recover a lot faster after swims. I think that the increase in my stamina, was largely due to taking natural substances, which were extracted from coniferous plants.

Living Potency from Nature

Living Potency from Nature

I am a native Siberian, and understand that coniferous plants have some very special characteristics: our ancestors would collect soft resin from fir trees, which worked wonders in maintaining strength levels, health and capacity for work. I know that the reason that coniferous plants are valued, is due to the unique composition of its needles: it is a real fountain of vitamins, microelements and natural anti-bacterial substances. For these reasons, I decided to take Siberian Red without a second thought. What’s more, the results did not disappoint, as taking the powerful natural Siberian fir extract, I gave myself an enormous additional energy resource while not crossing any ethical lines – as this substance is not classed as doping.

Siberian Red only gives me what I need (it does not stimulate the organism more than it needs to be), and consequently, does not wear out the body, which is very important to the recovery period following some active related strain.

What do I feel, when taking the extract: an increase in endurance during training, and a faster recovery after training and competitions. Going by my experience, the extract provides me with extra energy and helps to keep me in good tone (I mean my positive mind set and aim to win). What I wish you: that you feel good and are in a good mood. That you are fixated on your aims and that you achive great success in your life!”

Best wishes

Maxim Maximov

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