Siberian Red

5 Major Points Why Taiga (Siberian) Red is Unique.

Dialogue with Dr Soultanov series.

Posted by admin | June 1st, 2014

1.  Siberian Red is Unique


It is 100% Natural and Ecologically viable product.

It contain no;

aromatisers, colouring, preservatives, sugar, alcohol, different stabilisers, water from outside sources.

It is the ideal supplement for health through the stages of life.  Baby to Elderly.

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2.  Technology is original and authentic


Allows isolation of 100% balanced product by preserving living qualities.  Extraction process is CO2 and Pressure to extract pure cell sap.


3.  High Intellect and Technology


Extremely gentle extraction process to obtain substance with maximum yield from natural source.  Maximum usefulness of substance created by nature.


4.  High Quality/Long-Life Substance


The stability of end product at room temperature because of balanced nature and high concentration of active ingredients.


5.  Raw Material is sourced from the Wild of Nature, not a cultivated product.


Siberian Red is Wild.

Authentic and Natural in real terms.

Natural adaptogen.

Wide spectrum action that stimulates non-specific protective aspects of the body to undesireable biological factors that are physical and chemical in nature.


Cultivated plants cannot be compared to trees and plants in the wild.  Siberian Red is a real adaptogen from the wild forest of the Taiga.